Trustworthy Electrician in Temecula California

A trustworhty electrical contractor, does such a thing exist? Before meeting with Direct Electric I would have told you know. It is harder than you think to find a contractor who isn’t trying to make the most profit off you. So many companies seem like they dont’ have any straight pricing. They all want to come and give you a free estimate. When they are in your home they will look at your home and what cars you drive. If you have nice cars or if you have a nice home you can bet his pricing is going to be more than a lesser value home. So here is the good news with this local electrician in temecula ca you don’t have to worry about this happening to you.

Here is their info for you.

ceiling fan installation

Direct Electric Company
Jefferson Ave
(951) 200-5262

So let me tell you about my experience with them. It was pleasant from the start. I was looking for a local contractor who could install ceiling fan outlets in my ceilings. For some reason when I bought my home it didn’t come with these. So when I called Direct Electric I told them about my projects and they had pricing for everything! I couldn’t believe it, I found a honest company who wouldn’t nickel and dime me and gave everyone the same fair pricing no matter who you are.